Dia Jamah (Symphony Worship)

Chord Dia Jamah (Symphony Worship)

Indonesia :
    B              E
Dia Jamah S'gnap Hidupku
    A      E/G#       F#   B
Dan B'ri Damai Di Hatiku
  E            F#m
Semua T'lah Berubah
    E/G#  A
Dan Aku   Tau
      E/B       B      E
Yesus Jamah, Ku Jadi Baru

Inggris :
He Touched Me
He Touched Me
    A       E/G#               F#     B
And All The Joy That Floods My Soul
E         F#m          E/G#  F#/Bb
Something Happened And Now I Know
   E/B            B       E
He Touched Me And Make Me Whole

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