Dambaan Hatiku (Asafita Faraknimella)

Chord Dambaan Hatiku (Asafita Faraknimella)

Bait :
D     A/C#     Bm
Ku Rindu Kau Tuhan
A       G    D/F#  Em    A
Lebih Dari Segalanya
D     A/C#     Bm
Ku Cinta Kau Yesus
A           Em  A   D    A
Kaulah Dambaan Hatiku

Reff :
D    A/C#     Bm  D/A
Kusembah Kau, Kupuji Kau
G     D/F#        Em       A
S’lamanya Tinggal DihadiratMu
D       A/C#     Bm     D/A
Yang Ku Mau MenyenangkanMu
G     D/F#   Em   A   D
Yesus Kau Dambaan Hatiku

Lord, I Worship And I Praise You
In Your Presence I Love To Be With You
My Desire’s Just To Pleasing You, Lord
Jesus You’re The One That I Adore

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